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Calligraphy is a time honored talent that few excel at. The calligrapher takes pen to paper and using beautiful strokes with a variety of nibs, the words and numbers take on a special meaning.
Every time I have gotten a hand-lettered piece of mail, I can’t wait to open it and find out what the special message is inside. Brides have long known that calligraphy is the first glimpse into the celebration that is to come, and the message inside with the beautiful invitation heightens the anticipation.
We are blessed to have several hand calligraphers in our area. I think one of the best there is and the one I always refer to is Jane Farr in Carmel (http://www.weddingcalligraphybyjanefarr.blogspot.com). You can go to the “Gloria” posts to see what some of my clients have done.
If you decide to use a hand calligrapher it is good to remember a few things. Hand calligraphy takes time so be sure to order your invitations at least four months ahead and possibly sooner.
Schedule your appointment with the calligrapher. They can only do so many envelopes at once and will only take a certain number or commissions. So as soon as you know you want this service call and have her “pen” you in.
Order extra envelopes. A set of 25 extra envelopes is wise because mistakes can happen and envelopes will get ruined. Have your calligrapher keep about 10 extra in case you need some redone because guests moved or you add an extra person.
You will need to pay for the work when it is complete and you pick up the order. Be sure to discuss how the person wants this handled. Also be sure to give the calligrapher the list in the format that works for them. Usually this is label format (not spreadsheet) so that each line of your address will be penned correctly. Spell out all street names, State names, and full names – not nick names.
Hand calligraphy is sure to wow your guests and leave you with a treasured keepsake.

This envelope is done in the Napa Style by Jan Farr

Gloria Boyden Gloria Boyden
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Gloria is the founder of Events by Design, an invitation, floral design, and wedding planning firm established in 1988.

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