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Invitations That Dazzle

Invitations choices are practically unlimited for today’s bride.
Popular today are still pocket fold invitations, in which all the enclosure cards fit in the pocket. But making a strong comeback is the single card.
The card invitation is not your mother’s or grandmother’s invitation however. It has a little more pizzazz.
The typography is still lovely but maybe has a twist on everything centered. Very often motifs are added at the top or center as a decorative element. These are called printer’s ornaments and they are making a strong comeback.
Also popular is dark colored paper with printing in white, gold or silver. These invitations can incorporate a strong graphic element like a bold flower, vines or designs. Lightly colored paper with color ink also looks beautiful. What really makes these invitations look stunning is the printing process.
Letterpress design presses ink into the paper, thus making the paper indented. Engraving presses the paper into a plate thus making the wording and design raised. Both of these processes are time-honored printing techniques not available to the do-it-yourself designer. That said, some companies will take your design in digital form and incorporate it into the plates that they make to print your invitation.
A third printing process is the application of foil (not necessarily shiny) to the dark paper. This also gives a stunning look only achieved in the hands of a professional.
The small ornaments on a standard invitation (white or ivory) can really sparkle with the addition of an applied crystal to the motif or monogram. We have bedazzled hundreds of invitations and every one of them is pretty, sparkly and exciting.
There are many things your professional stationer can do to give your invitations a unique look. Don’t settle for the “free” tux shop invitations for this most important first look at your wedding. Truly unique is not necessarily truly expensive. Put yourself in the hands of a professional invitation specialist and you will love the results.

There is a simple Printer's Ornament under the monogram with a jewel in the middle.

Gloria Boyden Gloria Boyden
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Gloria is the founder of Events by Design, an invitation, floral design, and wedding planning firm established in 1988.

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