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Monograms for Couples

It has been a trend for years that married couples use monograms. They use them on stationery, barware, linens, silverware and anything else that might be personalized.
So, can you use a monogram before your wedding day? Yes and no. It is fine to use his and her initials as long as they are not combined with the new married surname. For instance Emily Smith and Robert Taylor could use ES + RT. They could also use E * R (the + or the * could be some pretty calligrapher mark or printer’s design).
On the day of the wedding the couple could use the combined letters with the new surname letter larger in the middle between the first name initials. ET (T larger in size)R. The lady’s letter goes first and the man’s second.
Monograms are fun to use on the wedding day. We have designed them specifically for a couple and they have been found on a menu card, table number, ceremony program, gobo on the dance floor (a gel is made and placed over a light source and the initials then appear in light), and favor boxes and guest bags.
Monograms can be with very fancy letters, straight contemporary lettering, or a combination of the two. My personal favorite combined the two simple letters with the fancy last name initial with a crystal adhered in one of the swirls for a menu card. Very lovely indeed.
Note cards for writing thank you notes should be done for each individual. So Emily would be EST (for Emily Smith Taylor) or with the S in the middle but larger.
Think of ways you could incorporate a monogram. Get creative. Frame it. Some of the prettiest ones I have designed have been part of a beautiful frame then printed on lovely paper. You will enjoy using a monogram on everything and it will show that you are now a couple.

This is a custom design using a monogram and a frame around the initials.

Gloria Boyden Gloria Boyden
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Gloria is the founder of Events by Design, an invitation, floral design, and wedding planning firm established in 1988.

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