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Personal Wedding Flowers

Grandmothers, mothers, readers, and special guests should receive flowers for a wedding. But what is the right choice?
I have distributed hundreds of personal flowers and the following is just my opinion. Ultimately, you have to decide what to buy and who to give flowers to. But I think these tips are really pertinent.
Grandmothers love to get flowers. And, aren’t you fortunate that your grandmother is attending your wedding? Most seem to prefer a wrist corsage. It is difficult to pin a corsage on light, airy material. So the wrist corsage works well here. Choose flowers that are neutral – white roses work. The reason is that a grandmother rarely knows in advance what she will wear, so just use something that will work no matter what.
Mothers are younger than ever. They are hip and know what is happening. I don’t see mothers wearing corsages. I prefer the very small carry bouquet. This does not mean a mini bridesmaid’s bouquet. A carry bouquet is a few stems, artfully arranged, that the mother carries in one hand at hip height. It is elegant, sophisticated, and sets her apart from all the rest of the females.
Carry bouquets work in any of the wedding flowers. They usually have longer stems and are subdued. The other option that is very popular is the full bloom gardenia for mothers. It is beautiful and fragrant. (Be sure your moms don’t have allergies). The flowers could also be pinned on a beautiful handbag.
Small corsages, almost like boutonnieres, work very well for readers, and liturgical ministers. They can be pin-on or wrist. Young girls tend to wear thin strap dresses, so a wrist corsage works better for them. There is also a magnet backer for a corsage which is a great alternative to a pin.
So many places prohibit the dropping of petals by flower girls, so there are some options. Order a small basket filled with a tiny arrangement of blooms, or order a mini bouquet for the flower girls. They could also carry a small pomander of flowers and wear a wreath of flowers in their hair. They will just love that they are included and have pretty flowers to carry.
Whatever you decide for personal flowers, be sure to be inclusive, thoughtful and correct. Everyone who is a part of your wedding should be graced with the beauty of flowers.

Gloria Boyden Gloria Boyden
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Gloria is the founder of Events by Design, an invitation, floral design, and wedding planning firm established in 1988.

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