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Wedding Flowers

Flowers at any celebration convey a warmth and life just like a genuine smile can. Flowers bring in color, design, and texture for the persons carrying them and the tables set with them.
Contemporary designs could include tall vases with flowers at a slant, cube vases, a cluster of low vases, and the ever-popular Martha Stewart hand tied rounded bouquet of stems that the ladies carry. More classic looks might include crystal vases, low arrangements, silver epergnes with arrangements at the top, and cascade bouquets for the ladies in a bouquet holder. Princess Catherine carried a small modified cascade in a bouquet holder done with many small blossoms.
Color is another matter. There is no right or wrong color. Choose what speaks to you, and don’t be afraid to use color in abundance. Fresh flowers do not come in every color imaginable like silk flowers do. So for wedding flowers we pull together those elements that first of all convey a color story and secondly add some texture and pizzazz.
Purple and bright green is so pretty, any time of the year. Red is popular all year long. There are wonderful red roses, from an orange-red to a black-red. Every color adds some new drama. Yellows used with white or a touch of purple speaks spring. Look around in nature in the spring. We see daffodils, forsythia and tulips in yellow in abundance, and a little later we see hyacinth, lilacs, and creeping phlox in the purples. In the fall the warm tones take over like, yellows, oranges, and rust.
Vivid color conveys a bright and strong personality. Pastels in flowers convey a more demure and calm personality. Which one works for you? My daughter –in-law asked for Red, orange and purple at our floral meeting for their wedding. I had no idea how the florist would pull it off. But he used purple calla lilies, orange oncidium orchids, red small roses and some purple filler. These were arranged for the tables in cut crystal vases, and the result was stunning. All the bouquets used similar flowers.
Think about the flowers for your wedding. Pull out some photographs from magazines, and work with a professional. Our designer Gene has 30 years of floral design experience and loves to work with brides to find just the right look. A designer can really make all the difference between just some flowers in a vase and flowers that add WOW to your wedding.

Gloria Boyden Gloria Boyden
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Gloria is the founder of Events by Design, an invitation, floral design, and wedding planning firm established in 1988.

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