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Wedding Invitations Start to Finish

Sometime after you get engaged you will start looking for wedding invitations. You need look no further than your Invitation Specialist, who will have every price point and style imaginable.
When you look, give yourself about an hour or more to select. You will want to look at the displays of recent invitations, look through books, and then in about 30 minutes you will be able to zero in on your style. The stationer will give you a price estimate based on the number that you need and tell you what the deposit will be. If you are ready to move forward, give the deposit and work on the wording.
The stationer should also know etiquette and how to word things correctly. Bring the basics of date, time, place and addresses. Use e-mail to confirm that wording. If it is submitted correctly there should be no surprises.
How long does this process take? About three weeks is the norm, so select and order invitations no less than 4 months in advance. You should get an e-mail copy of just the wording for each piece. From there the Invitation Specialist will submit copy to the typesetter and you should then get a Proof. The proof is done in the fonts you have chosen. This is what will be printed – make sure it is correct. Every time a new proof is ordered the company makes another proof charge. And every time there is a change with another proof, it takes more time.
Once you have approved the proof for print, figure it will take two weeks to actually get delivery of the invitations. Your stationer should count the entire order and assemble one invitation for you so you know how it should look when you take the invitation out of the envelopes.
The magic moment arrives with the delivery from the UPS truck. Opening the invitation for the first time with the invitation specialist is often a magical moment. It sometimes is the reality link that “this wedding is really going to take place.” Savor the moment.
Good planning is important to this all-important piece of the wedding. The invitation sets the tone for your wedding and is the first glimpse into the celebration that will unfold.

This invitation has great typesetting, the interest of the top folded card and a second layer.

Gloria Boyden Gloria Boyden
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Gloria is the founder of Events by Design, an invitation, floral design, and wedding planning firm established in 1988.

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