Remembering Loved Ones

As you are making plans for your wedding it is very possible and also very common to remember loved ones not able to be present at your wedding – whether they are deceased or not able to travel.
How do you honor those people? One perfect way is with flowers in a unity arrangement. The floral piece can be designed of mostly greenery and then use a single full open bloom for each person. You can mention this in your program or just hold the thought in your heart.
Other brides have done an entire arrangement in honor of their loved ones. They add something like this in the program: β€œthe flowers gracing the sanctuary are in memory of our loved ones who are not with us today.”
Be sure to list any deceased person of importance in the program. Certainly you would mention parents, siblings, grandparents. It could go further but that depends upon the relationship and closeness to the bride and groom.
I do not think it is wise to use photographs because it might make the wedding turn into more of a memorial service, which is not what it should be.
Vintage wedding pictures of your grandparents would most certainly work, and no doubt your grandparents would smile on the gesture.
Even if you have a family member who is not able to travel like a grandparent, it is certainly fine to mention them in the program. One of the ways to distinguish the living from the deceased is to put the deceased name in Italic print.
Flowers and a lovely sentiment in your program will be just the right touch to remember the ones you love who are not present at your wedding.

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