Affordable Wedding Flowers


Affordable Wedding Flowers

We were brainstorming about what to use for flowers at the bridal show. We designed several beautiful floral pieces, including bride bouquet, a tall candelabra with flowers, and a low centerpiece composed of shades of purple and pink flowers, for in front of the bridal couple.  The color of the year is Radiant Orchid, so we decided to run with that for the chosen arrangements.

However, one of my favorites of all the flowers we arranged, was a little composite arrangement using small bottles (like medicine bottles) place on top of a picture frame.

I had an unused picture frame, collected 8 bottles of different heights and looks. In the bottom of the frame I added a piece of Gold Mirror Card Stock (it could be a mirror). To each bottle I added one or two stems in all the flowers we used in the other pieces. Then I added in a stem votive holder with a clear tea light (Dollar store). The frame was placed in the middle of the table, with the Gold card stock, and all the bottles were placed on top. It was so darn cute and would absolutely look great on a guest table as one of the Floral looks.

Besides being a great design, the little bottles of flowers could be given away to guests. This idea is a “lot of bang for your buck” as they say, and a gift besides. Win – win!

For each of our tables we used orchid and purple linens, and it was stunning and very appreciated by guests. As we come across more ideas for your wedding we will write about them here. Happy wedding planning. Let us help you design the wedding of your dreams. Let us brainstorm with YOU, to design the wedding flowers you are dreaming about and stay within your budget.

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