Wedding Stationery Branding


Wedding Stationery Branding

The Wedding stationery you choose can literally start the brand for your wedding.

While the purpose of the wedding invitation is to invite people, the invitation itself can set the tone or the brand of a wedding.

What can determine the “look?”

Elements of the Design | Background

In the featured image, the branding that we see is marble. In that sense, the marble is used on the invitation, the liner, the menu card, program and other items. Photo from

A clever Events by Design Wedding Planner would then do something special for the escort cards. While the escort cards tell people where to sit – they can also be a design statement.

The card mentioned, could have a marble background. It could be a seating board in a frame with the same marble as background. But for special impact, the seating card could be a real piece of marble, written by hand in calligraphy.

Monogram as Design

Gloria at Events by Design has worked with many couples who like initials as a statement and branding. While a monogram is beautiful, the initials on the wedding invitation should not include the married initial.  Why should it not be included?  The new surname initial is not used because the couple is not yet married.

In the example shown here, we transitioned from two same size initials for the wedding invitation, to three initials with the center one larger for the new married surname. Photo provided by Jessica Strickland.

The ES on the invitation then became ESS on Wedding Day Stationery

Pattern as Design

As the branding continues throughout the process of wedding planning with the Events by Design Master Wedding Planner, it often involves a pattern that continues throughout the stationery pieces. We have designed many invitation and stationery suites which include a pattern on all pieces.

Why a pattern? While all stationery cards can say the same thing, the ones that catch the readers’ eye include something special – like a pattern. As mentioned in the first paragraphs with the example of the marble, a pattern could be a line drawing, flowers, branches, or other elements. While it makes sense to add this to the menu cards and other Wedding Day stationery, it also is lovely on the table numbers and ceremony programs. The photograph is provided by Joni Bilderback Photography.

The bride who is sophisticated and who works with Events by Design Wedding Planners, will have a beautiful design element to her wedding, and guests will long remember the beautiful day they were a part of.

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