Your Wedding Budget


Your Wedding Budget

When planning your Indianapolis wedding, the first thing couples should do is establish a realistic wedding budget. There are various suggestions of how to allocate your hard-earned dollars, but suffice it to say, everyone needs a budget.

Ultimately, more should be allocated to the areas which are most important to the wedding couple, and no website can make that decision for a couple.

Hopefully, you will get value for your money spent. Perhaps you like a layered look or a pocket folder for your invitation and it is in your wedding budget, so you spend a little more there. Maybe you love hand calligraphy but really want more to go to the invitation itself.  You can afford the digital addressing many companies offer. Digital addressing is a cost-effective way to address your invitations and is good for your budget.

Events by Design has many in-stock Rehearsal Dinner blank imprintable invitations.  Another resource Events by Design uses is a printing partner that shows hundreds of designs for each party or piece you may need. Check out our Printswell link on the invitations page. They even have regular sales. So take advantage of that cost savings.

Menu cards and table numbers enhance the look of the reception tables. These can be done inexpensively if there is time to get the best price.  Absolutely one of the best looks we get comes from a company in India, but the timing is certainly a factor. So, organization and making decisions ahead of time all play into using the best resource to maximize your budget.

You can get a great deal of value in putting your money in the right places for your wedding flowers. With a healthy budget of $5000 or more – you will most likely get everything you can imagine. Your lead designer can suggest ways to cut costs and add sparkle to your beautiful wedding day. We always suggest using some tall and some low centerpieces to give drama to a space. Maybe some small nosegays for the cocktails will provide the welcoming look for guests as they first arrive.

With a larger décor budget, you could add gorgeous linens and chargers, backdrops, lighting, and more. There is almost nothing that cannot be accomplished, and our design team can find the right professionals.

The advice and guidance of your Events by Design Wedding Planner will help you sort through the hurdles and help you put your money where you will get the most effect. (Photo Credit Jessica Strickland)

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