Engagement Season


Engagement Season

Everyone knows the spring, summer, and fall are “wedding season” – the time of year when most couples choose to get married, especially in locations with cold winters.  That doesn’t mean that the wedding industry disappears with the leaves and hibernates all winter. No, there is actually a balance in the wedding industry because the winter holds several times and reasons to be with family and share our love with those close to us. Thus, we are in “engagement season” pretty much from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. These cold months warm our hearts as we see smiling faces and shimmering rings excitedly announcing their plans to wed.

While gazing at your gorgeously sparkling new ring for the 100th time, you realize now you have to PLAN this wedding. You might ask your friends what they did, you’ll probably search the internet, and you definitely already have a Pinterest board that you’ve been pinning away “for when the time comes”. Well the time is here now and trust me, you want your first call to be to a wedding planner. Friends, family, and the internet have A LOT of opinions and information, but they don’t know exactly what YOU want and the best way to pull that together specially taylored to you. Planners have the knowledge, experience, creativity, and logistical understanding to listen to your vision and make it happen as stress free as possible while keeping you in your budget. So why not bring us on board as soon as you say “YES!”? Trust me, it will save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Happy Engagement!


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