Spring is here! What should guests wear?


Spring is here! What should guests wear?

I have been waiting for this all winter! Who doesn’t love Spring? It’s the sign of warmth, sunshine, and happiness upon us after a long, cold winter.

It’s also the sign of Wedding Season. The Events By Design team is ready for wedding season to get started and we have the bride and all her details covered. Now let’s talk about you, the guests. To you, this is a day to dress up and enjoy socializing with your friends and family while you all celebrate with the happy couple. We all love to look and feel fabulous, but for some that’s easier said than done and maybe you don’t know where to start.

The nature of fashion is that styles and trends are always changing, but the etiquette of wedding attire remains the same. While you’re out there shopping or searching your closet for the weddings you’ve been invited to this year, you may find yourself wondering what’s appropriate as you navigate the trends of social wear.

Wedding Guest Fashion Faux Pas

◊ Wearing white or cream – Yes, the bride WILL be offended. This may be the oldest rule in the book, but even a non-traditional bride will have a meltdown over this one.

◊ Super short or risque dresses – Please don’t confuse the reception as a night club. Grandma doesn’t want to see your unmentionables while you’re doing the cha cha slide.

◊ Sneakers with your suit – The groomsmen might have plans for a few fun photos in Chuck Taylors, but as a guest you will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

◊ Too casual – If you are told a wedding is casual and aren’t sure what they’re going for, ask. It’s likely more of a maxis, sundresses, khakis and polos type wedding than a jeans and tshirt backyard barbeque (although these have been popping up as well).

You will also need to evaluate the formality of the wedding. Do this by checking the time, location, and any indication of dress code in the wording of the invitation. Couples often list this type of information on their wedding website so be sure to check it out. This guide is also a great resource for etiquette: http://fashion.about.com/cs/tipsadvice/a/weddingguest.htm

The bottom line is that there are many great fashionable options to choose from, just keep these guidelines in mind and then choose something that expresses your style appropriately for the special occasion that it is.

Dress for the Wedding is an amazing website that pulls together tips, looks, and the ability to see and shop dresses from several stores all together in one place.

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