Dreamy Wedding Ceremonies


Dreamy Wedding Ceremonies

When couples plan their dream wedding, the first thing they consider is the ceremony location. The Events by Design Indianapolis Wedding Planner team will help turn dreams into reality.

If the ceremony is to be held outdoors, there are many things to consider. Location, seating, weather plan, and more.

Weather can affect the outside ceremony

As a result of weather conditions, the elements can ruin an outdoor ceremony. Wind can knock down décor and draping, and can also make it difficult to hear what is being said. Wind can garble words, even with the help of a microphone.

This photo was provided by Crowe’s Eye Photography.

Wedding - Fall Flowers Image

An entire ceremony will move  inside to a protected location, if rain is a factor. In planning an outdoor ceremony, The Events by Design Carmel Wedding Planning team always insists on a viable Plan B, so the dream wedding is still a reality.

The Barn at Lyndley Farmstead offers a covered Pavilion, but no covered seating at the Pavilion. At a wedding we did there in the summer, the indoor plan is cabaret style seating inside in the barn. Fortunately, even though rain was predicted all week for the wedding day, the later forecasts were ideal weather. This photo was provided by Joni Bilderback Photography

Indoor Ceremonies

If Outside is not for you, Indoor Ceremonies are ideal spaces for wedding ceremonies. There are no worries about heat, rain or wind. While many places qualify as indoors, a personal favorite of mine is a church ceremony. The church already is a space built for worship and for celebrating the ceremonies of life. This Photograph was provided by Cara Boyer Photography at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Lafayette.

While not a church, another lovely wedding we designed for the couple, is the one planned by Mon Amie Events, inc. The Events by Design Wedding Flower team designed a space at the Columbia Club in Indianapolis. With a raised stage, the team decorated with petals, clusters of flowers, and draped fabric.  The designers embellished the stage with flowers, altar table, candelabra, and more fabric. This photograph is by Ian Borgeroff Photography.

Erica and Grant Wedding Ceremony table

After the ceremony, a fitting conclusion can be a petal toss, an ovation, a bubble send-off if outside, a sparkler send-off outside, or other things that you can dream up that are safe and simple.

Events by Design Indianapolis Wedding Planner specializes in making the Wedding Ceremonies special and beautiful.  The ceremony is the moment all have been waiting for and is magical in its solemnity.

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