Flowers for Your Wedding

One of the meetings that is sure to be the most fun for your wedding is the floral meeting. You can schedule this meeting any time in the wedding planning process, but certainly at least six to eight months ahead.
What do you need to prepare? Here are some thoughts. Pictures are always good to bring to the meeting. A seasoned florist can tell you what flowers are pictured and whether or not they are seasonal and available.
Bring a color swatch of the main color that speaks to you. Maybe it is the color in the bridesmaids dresses, maybe it is just an overall accent color, but the color swatch might help determine which flowers will work with your vision.
Have an idea of what you need. For instance, 200 people seated at round tables of ten means 20 centerpieces. Personal flowers are needed for bridesmaids, groomsmen, children, parents and grandparents. You might have more but that is a starting point.
Will you use flowers in the church? If so you will want to check with the church coordinator as to what placement is allowed and what size would work. Do you need a buffet centerpiece? Your florist will have undoubtedly been to your church and reception hall but if not, make sure they make a visit.
A great floral designer will have ideas so be sure to listen to their thoughts. On the other hand, the designer will listen to what you want as well. It really is a team effort. Be sure to take your wedding planner along to this meeting, so that they hear what is discussed and can offer some suggestions as well.
A detailed proposal should be forthcoming after the meeting. It will have everything in the proposal that you discussed, along with details and approximate prices. Don’t be shocked at the bottom line, and don’t be afraid to cut back if the total is more than you wish to spend.
Fresh flowers add so much to the overall design of your wedding. Your planner can offer vases of flowers to guests at the end of the evening, or wrap long stems in florist tissue for people to take home. Your photographs will bring back the memories of all the beauty of the day.

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