New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve is sure to be a popular date for weddings this year. There is still time to book the date, plan the wedding and make it a fantastic celebration. A wedding planner for New Year’s Eve is a must.
It was my pleasure to work with a Bride and Groom and their families to welcome in 2011. The ceremony was at a Catholic Church in Chicago and the reception was at the best hotel in Chicago.
If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve wedding you will want to be sure to make it extra fun and engage your guests all evening. Here are some ideas that worked.
The bride’s family provided trolleys to the ceremony and back so guests did not have to worry about anything. The mother of the bride knew this was a party crowd and we were prepared. The main hotel for guest rooms was also where the reception took place. So no driving worries here.
The escort cards were printed on cardstock and attached to party horns. We left our staff at the Hotel while the ceremony was going on. I was the last person to arrive at the hotel after the ceremony was over. As soon as I got to the lobby I knew people were in Party Mode.
You could hear horns blowing loud and clear. People had a cocktail in their hands and were set for the fun ahead.
At 11:30 our staff passed out more horns and funny hats to everyone. You simply can’t imagine how well-received that was. Everyone wanted a hat or tiara (and some gals took hats and some guys took tiaras). We also had party leis and more noisemakers.
At midnight the net on the ceiling opened up and dropped hundreds of balloons, installed the day before by the design team. At 12:30 the party was still going strong, and everyone was dancing and having a good time still. That’s what I call a most successful wedding – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Table with Feathers and flowers

Each table had a mirror cube and then one of several floral options.

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