Ordering Save the Date Cards

Save the Date papers are almost a must these days. They have been popular for years, but now probably necessary because so many people are out of town and will have to travel and make lodging arrangements.
There are many possible configurations for a Save the Date card. They can be more formal on a plain card with formal wording, or they can be more fun.
A Save the Date is a good place to introduce a color scheme. So while the formal invitation to the wedding may be grand, the save the date will just have the wedding colors.
Yesterday we met with a charming couple, Ashley and Daniel. We are going to order cards using platinum and light pink. They want to use ribbon on their invitations to the wedding but we just used the two colors on the Save the Date. It is a simple card with a border. The background of the border will be pink and the design and typesetting will be in platinum. They are excited and I have no doubt it will turn out to be just right for them.
Other ideas for Save the Date cards include bookmarks, photos of the bride and groom, small announcements in your Christmas cards, and the ever-popular magnet.
Whatever your style, a Save the Date will give you a better idea of who will attend your wedding and create that first buzz. Be sure to narrow the list. Not everyone you ultimately invite to the wedding has to receive a Save the Date. But everyone who gets a Save the Date must get the formal invitation.

The jacket is tied with ribbon - "tying the knot".

This image from Carlson Craft is a calendar, photo and ribbon.

This card has a photo which can be uploaded to the company

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