Planning Ahead Saves Stress

Planning for your wedding in manageable steps can save stress. Wedding Planners can take away much of that stress for you.
Let’s face it, after more than 20 years in business I have seen it all or nearly all. How many weddings have you planned? This is probably your first and hopefully last. Stress for a wedding mounts as time marches on. A good plan helps ease that stress.
The first few months are often such fun for most Moms and Brides. They get to pick everything to make the dream come alive. But even this can be stressful with so many decisions and so many service providers to choose from. Are we picking the right people? Will the price for the service work into our budget?
Closer to the wedding date there are hundreds of details that have to be addressed like linen choices and quantity, wine tasting and food tasting, tracking responses, planning the ceremony, seating guests and making a list of all attendees, arranging for escort or seating cards, numbering tables, getting dresses fitted, and making final arrangements with the florist, photographer, stationer, caterer, rental companies. The list goes on.
The best advice in planning is to get everything done as early as possible so that the final weeks are relatively free. In the early stages make yourself a to-do list, or get one from your wedding planner, so that you stay on track each and every month. In that way, nothing will fall through the cracks. While a good wedding planner will not make your decisions for you, she will help you make decisions and help you implement those decisions.
In planning a wedding, peace of mind is priceless. You will sleep better, have more fun, and be more reassured that things will go right when you hire a true professional wedding planner.

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