The New Look of Wedding Invitations


The New Look of Wedding Invitations


At this time of year Events by Design receives many new wedding invitation albums and updates. I am so happy to say that invitation companies, who produce quality products, are coming of age.

Almost without exception, Events by Design print partners are adding paper choices, including metallics, sheens, textures, and more. Many companies are also adding style features, so that couples can design their own suite. It is no longer necessary to look at a page and say, “I like this … but not that.” Now couples can pick and choose the elements that will make their invitation unique.

This is where the expertise of an Invitation Specialist comes in. I am able to listen to our couples’ wants and put the list together in a cohesive way so that the wedding invitation not only looks beautiful, but presents guests with all the information that they need. We just did an invitation that used the same color paper and inks for the pocket folder, the menu card and the table numbers. It also selected a design that was carried through on each piece.

We are working with couples currently who want something that looks like an antique book, and then another couple wants an “old Hollywood” feel for their celebration. These are fun challenges and because our print partners are so versatile, we are able to make our couples happy and able to send the great surprise that their guests will unfold. As one mother of the bride put it in our meeting, “if this does not impress our family and friends, I don’t know what will.” Isn’t that great praise?

So when you are looking for your unique wedding invitation, give Events by Design a call. I will be happy to work with you, your parents and your planner to make the beautiful statement you are hoping for.

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