What is Wedding Concierge and how much does it cost?


What is Wedding Concierge and how much does it cost?

What is Wedding Concierge? Coordination? Planning?  What do planners do? Why do I need this service? How much am I willing to pay for this service?

These are all questions that many brides, grooms, and parents ask themselves and us when they think about wedding planning. All of these are great questions! Wedding planning is a service industry and every company offers different options and levels of service, so it can be confusing for some. You will see some companies that specialize in either planning or coordinating and some that offer both.

What’s the difference? Coordinating means the wedding consultant takes the wedding details that you have planned and executes them how you like for a smooth event and to be the point person while you enjoy your wedding day. While some companies do offer wedding-day only service, our Wedding Concierge services include a minimum 10 hours of pre-wedding preparation to ensure we have all the details covered for a successful event.

Ala Carte services can be added to your Wedding Concierge package based on your specific needs. We understand that every wedding is different and your needs are not the same as the last client’s. Therefore, we offer this option to add on ala carte services for a customized package that is more than coordination alone. This would be considered wedding planning or consulting, but not full-service planning.

What does full-service planning mean? That’s when you need help finding some or all of your vendors and likely your venue, making decisions, c0mpleting your vision for decor and guest experience, and everything else to do with your wedding. Full-service planning involves a larger investment, but provides a significantly less stressful pre-wedding experience for you, your fiance, and your family. At Events By Design, this is our Signature Wedding service. The price is determined by the scope of planning needed for your wedding.

Why do you need this service? We recommend that every bride have Wedding Concierge service at the minimum. Since it’s tax season, think of it like your taxes. You could do it on your own and save the money that you would have spent on a professional. But in the end are you really saving money? You have the possibility of making a mistake, missing important details, and overlooking something important even with online help because you aren’t a tax expert. It is the same with wedding planning. By paying a little more for a professional you will get more. There is also the reason that you simply can’t be everywhere and do everything so you need someone who can do those things for you.

As for how much you’re willing to spend…how much are your time, stress, anxiety, wedding image, guest experience, and timeless memories worth? Not to mention that a planner will most likely save you money in using your budget wisely, choosing the right vendors, cost comparison, avoiding costly mistakes, and leaving you with more time to work or focus on your own business. Consider all of these when deciding how much you’re willing to spend. Remember, experience usually has a higher price tag but is a better value. At Events By Design you will get a planner who is an experienced member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.

As we’ve discussed, every wedding consultant offers different options and services, as do your venues and other vendors, so ask for what their package includes, especially if you think your venue coordinator does the same thing we do – because they likely do not provide the same services. Our services begin with the list below and expand based on your needs and budget.


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