Wedding Planner on Day of Wedding


Wedding Planner on Day of Wedding

What do you get when you hire our Wedding Planner to take charge of only the last month leading up to the wedding, and the wedding weekend itself? We call this wedding planning service, Wedding Day Direction.

It includes:

1.       An ABC registered (or higher ranking) wedding planner

2.       The planner will meet with you to understand your vision, who you have hired, what you want and what you are concerned about

3.       The wedding planner will take time to understand and then write out the wedding day schedule so everyone is on the same page. The final schedule will be sent to all service providers no later than 2 weeks ahead. It will include arrival and departure times.

4.       Our wedding planner will be available – starting 2 months before the wedding – to answer questions by e-mail or by any other agreed upon communication

5.       Our planner will meet with your caterer – or preferably attend the tasting – so that those elements are agreed upon by all parties

6.       Our wedding day director will meet with your wedding party at the rehearsal and give them a schedule of what will happen the next day, where they will be seated, how they will be introduced, and field any questions they may have.

7.       Our planner will also cue all the wedding party down the aisle, pin boutonnieres on the men, and hand off flowers to the ladies.

8.       Our Wedding Day Director will give the wedding party her cell phone number in case they need anything last minute.

9.       Our wedding Planner will come with an emergency kit of supplies most commonly needed for a wedding.

10.   Our team happily takes your place cards for placement at the reception (or sign seating board). She will drop off gift bags to your hotel concierge, and she will give any other items that the hotel or venue would place to the appropriate person.

11.   She will get the wedding programs from the family and will make sure those get into the hands of the program attendants or ushers.

12.   She will remind you of what you need to bring to the ceremony

13.   She will make sure that the reception is set up the way you had intended.

14.   If each guest needs a place card (usually because of meal choice), she will place those for you on each table. Those will be sorted by the bride to envelopes with each table marked.

15.   She will take gifts from guests walking into the reception and will gather envelopes for safe keeping. Those will later be moved to an appropriate guest room or given to the parents.

16.   She will stay until all duties agreed upon have been accomplished. The best scenario is to have our wedding planner stay until the end of the evening, or at least until the dancing is in full swing.

Your investment starts at $1650 and includes up to 20 hours of the Wedding Planner’s time

+ one additional assistant/100 guests will also be added

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